Jaipreet Uppal is a multidisciplinary spatial designer located in the metropolitan area, his distinctive design philosophy is a reflection of his passion for producing powerful experiences that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. He is able to bring various materials and details together in a balanced way that unifies his projects thanks to his ability to recognize and distill key concepts. Jaipreet’s professional qualifications include an AAS degree in Interior Design, a BFA in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design and an MA degree in Exhibition and Experience Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Specializing in many different design aspects, spanning interior design, experiential design, creative direction, and photography, he aspires to create memorable experiences for people and spaces.
From residential design to luxury retail window design and experiential marketing, Jaipreet has worked on a variety of projects with various scales and timelines, including collaborations with smaller independent brands and larger corporations like Target, Macy's, Levi's, McDonald’s, Grey Goose, Instagram, and Coach. By taking an interdisciplinary approach and drawing on his creative experience, he has been able to successfully meet the demands of different design industries. His attention to detail and ability to visualize the end result of any project have enabled Jaipreet to bring his projects from concept to completion
“Growing up in the New York metropolitan area, I have always had a fascination with all aspects of the design world. As a child, art and design gave me a way to express myself. As I grew older, I experimented with photography, fashion, architecture, and interior design. Choosing one as a life goal challenged me until I realized I could combine them into one career as a spatial designer. Through this medium, I have created multiple meaningful experiences through the careful study of the audience and combination of multiple disciplines.”
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